Monday, 28 January 2013

Snow's Gone- Business As Usual!

In the last post I gave you a tour of the area immediately bordering the allotment site, and included some pictures of the site under a thick blanket of the white stuff.  All was sweetness and light!  What a difference  when we went up at the weekend with the snow mostly melted. What the snow had made into beautiful pillowy hummocks revealed itself: quite a quantity of plastic and other detritus which seemed not to be of use.

I'm not being harsh about this- I really don't want to be a judgemental allotment fascist and I know allotments aren't all about beauty, it's just it was kind of nice, during the wintry weather, not to be reminded of how much plastic finds itself at a loose end on some plots.  The good thing here is that the plastic is being used again, not immediately going into landfill, and sometimes I guess it just piles up....  however I have noticed that bags and bottles get blown around the site or perhaps relocated by foxes.

We are guilty ourselves of leaving rubbish on the plot that should be taken down the dump, particularly the old carpets and plastic bin bag path liners we took up.  But we have tucked it out of the way, and it can't be seen from the main path. 

At our recent visit we were told that every one of the sheds had been broken into and all the doors left wide open. The same was true of ours, and just with all the rest, nothing had been taken.  I was thinking it may have been people trying to bed down in the harsh weather but there was no sign of this either.
Later I found a knife plunged into the ice of a water tank:
I guess there are some mysteries that will never be solved!

By the way I'd be interested to know if anyone has any views on walking on other peoples' plots- I stepped about 3 feet into our neighbours to close their open shed door and this was not considered "not done" by the some other plot holders. In fact they seemed quite horrified and said they weren't going to do the same for their neighbours. I am all for only going on to a plot if invited, and understand you could be accused of something if seen on another person's plot, but surely you should be allowed to do something to help your neighbour? Leaving a shed wide open cannot be a good thing..... I'd hope someone would do the same thing for me under the circumstances.  

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