Friday, 11 January 2013

Allotment Presents

We were very lucky to have some lovely allotment themed Christmas presents for us, and for the plot.   It is really nice to think that our friends and family are getting involved in our "allotment journey".  Thanks everyone!

As well as the great books, tokens, seeds, tools and paper potter, and mug it is also lovely to get advice from those with their own plots and veg gardens. This goes for both friends and family and strangers!  I am finding other people's blogs a really useful source of ideas and practical advice.   I'm really not that hot on using Blogger's features so I haven't made a visible list of blogs I really like or anything like that yet.  Hopefully this year I'll get to grips with it, but I also want to get the plot up and running!

A rather tenuous link to my next picture- it was an additional "present" that appeared when preparing some food at Christmas. It's not from the plot, but hopefully next year the greenhouse will see some of its ilk.  Do you know what it is?


  1. I know what it is but I did see it in the flesh.

  2. It's such a perfect shape, quite like a snail shell in fact or an unfurling fern frond! The shape is all to do with fractals or some mathsy thing I saw on Gardeners' World once- actually really interesting.
    Anyway it's a baby pepper, one of those that grows inside a big pepper, just a bog standard red pepper from a supermarket, with this 10p-sized baby inside. Nature= hurrah! Unless this was caused by a massive dose of fertilizers herbicides etc. In which case boo! But hurrah for the shape anyway!

  3. Mm those fractals are everywhere!

  4. We sometimes get baby peppers in sweet peppers - it's nature. :)