Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Round and About the Allotment in the Snow

Here's some snaps taken en route to the allotment, on the plot, and on the way home in the snow. I know fresh snow makes everything look good but looking at these pictures makes me grateful for the walk to the plot- which is just down our road then through the park, and feels rural in the heart of London. 

The avenue of trees leading to the allotment   

The park we pass through to get there

Around the allotment site itself all is leafy- a tiny nature reserve and the brook on one side, a park and playing fields on the other two, and a quiet no-through road to the fourth side.  It cheers me up!
 The brook to one side of the allotments 

                                          A view through the little nature reserve next door

Just two other sets of footprints beside ours at the allotments: but plenty of fox tracks

Our plot under a snowy blanket

"You are joking if you think we are leaving the greenhouse in this!"

 Up to his neck in it

 Past the wood and the trees in the nature reserve on the way home

It's not to say the area around our site doesn't get its fair share of rubbish dumped and graffiti, but really it is a well used and well appreciated bit of greenspace.  It's great for wildlife too, and I hope our little plot, in time, might add a tiny bit to the understated beauty to be found here. 

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