Sunday, 20 January 2013

Ice Age

"Come on Motorbike Boy- we can skate on the allotment lake!"

"I can't man- I'm stuck in this drift!"

Meanwhile, the garlic and some onions and shallots are poking up through the snow. In this picture you can see the partial germination- the sticks are over the ones that have come up (to protect them from the birds) but in a lot of the bed there is no growth yet. Maybe it'll come  later maybe not.

Finally here is a novel and warm way of taking materials to the allotment. We got this big cardboard box off a neighbour to use as path base. It was easier than trying to carry it. We attracted many (quite obviously) admiring glances. 

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  1. Dino and Motorbike Boy do get in some scrapes - can't wait for the next installment of their adventures!