Friday, 18 January 2013

No Business Like Snow Business

Only us up the plot today, it was lovely in the wintery weather! Lots of fox footprints, but surprisingly few birds. We put our some old fruit and some crusts for them. 

This little fellow lives on a neighbouring plot. The snow suits him.

No digging today.  I wouldn't dream of destroying the perfection of the lovely white blanketing snow.  I did a little rooting around yesterday when it was just frosty, then afterwards read conflicting reports about whether digging in frost was a crime against humanity or merely pointless. Personally I found it much easier than digging in the wet, and anyway I only turned over a bit of earth to let the robin get at some worms and insects.  I don't think the potential for the destruction of the soil structure on the tiny bit I did was anything to get too worried about.

Good to see some bulbs pushing up through the snow.  Some we planted, some were planted by our predecessor so I can't wait to see what they are. The soil in the pots of peas in the greenhouse was pretty much frozen solid today, so will that spell the end for them, and finish off what the mice started?.......  

Hope everyone is snug and all gardens and allotments are safe and beautiful in the winter weather! 


  1. Did the birds eat the food you put out for them?

  2. Not a crumb was left. We put some crusts up high (out of fox reach) and some on the ground (for foxes if they needed it). We put some fruit in a fruit tree (not touched) and some on the ground (all gone and surrounded by bird prints)