Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Welcome Readers!

I just thought I'd say hello to any new readers and thank you to people who have been reading so far.  I'm new to blogging so am probably making  mistakes, but I'm enjoying it!
Thought I'd post a picture taken at the weekend to show what a lovely green and pleasant place the allotment site is:

As we are but a 10 minute train ride to Liverpool St Station in London, I am very happy with that view!

Also seen at the site on Sunday this flower- a bit out of focus but can you name it?

Finally, also from this weekend, some fungi on a log at the front of a neighbouring plot, showing that by not clearing everything away and neatening up our plots and gardens nature will do the work of creating something beautiful itself:

Enjoy the sun whilst it shines!


  1. A rosemary flower? - I noticed some on my rosemary this weekend.

  2. It certainly is Sue, you know your flowers all right! I wonder why there has been a (very attractive) rash of them at this time of year? Maybe they flower all year round but they are just more noticeable in Winter? They are very pretty anyway.