Thursday, 20 December 2012

Making Paths

There are a number of existing  path styles on the plot- grass paths between plots, concrete slabs and stepping stones at the front by the flower bed. The grass ones look good but are a bit muddy at present.  Slabs and stones are nice and permanent, but slippery when muddy and good at hiding couch grass roots.

When we got the plot in October we took up all the old carpet that formed the paths at the back of the site.  These were doing a reasonable job at supressing weeds, but they were now decaying into the ground and generally being yucky, slippery and unpleasant. I know, too, that on some allotments sites they are banned due to toxic chemicals from fire retardents and cleaners leaching into the soil.  After we'd done away with the carpet we laid down a double layer of thick cardboard and topped it off with wood chippings donated by a fellow plot holder. It was pretty easy really! 

At the front of the plot we found there was a criss-cross of four paths dividing the space into four beds.  By getting in there with a spade it was just a case of shovelling off the strawberry runners and build-up of old leaves etc. Underneath was some very thick rubbery path material.  This we left and covered with chippings.


So that is our paths in a nutshell!  We'll see how they fare in terms of weed suppressing, a good firm surface (including for wheelbarrows), and looks!  I'll report back....

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