Sunday, 9 December 2012

Guitars Are Not The Only Fruit

The Corkscrew Hazel is now coming into its own- the catkins are out, but I also spotted this unusual fruit amongst the wiggly twigs.  Don't know where it came from !

I may only just be starting in allotmenteering, but I think even I can tell these are the more typical "lambs' tails" of hazels:

Elsewhere on the plot it's all looking generally like Winter now, as it should!

The tayberry has lost its leaves, but you can see here the frame L has constructed to support it: sometime soon we'll have to make a fruit cage for the tayberry and currants, or the buds and fruit will be lost to the pigeons.

Finally today here's a picture from the back of the plot ("the wilderness"!) towards the green houses: beyond them you can see the lovely (lime?) trees that border the allotment and really look lovely: majestic in winter, gloriously zingily green in the spring, providing dappled shade in summer, and lovely whippy future plant supports and leaf mold after gales in the autumn!

Still to come, in future posts: path construction (I know you've all been waiting for it!) and a pea and broad bean update!


  1. Hurry up with the path construction post already!

  2. Frax, I'm gratified by your urgent need to learn of the in-depth skill and knowledge required to make paths. But stay your path-ardour for just a little longer.... and the magic needed to create a safe, and hopefully weedfree, allotment perambulatory route will be revealed. On the other hand, I think you may already know how to, and you just want a picture of yourself path-making on the blog!

  3. I still need to prune our tayberry

    1. Hi Sue,

      I reckon it should still be ok to prune it now shouldn't it? We had one at our previous garden that we were quite rough and ready with, and it cropped prolifically. With this one, at the allotment, we are trying to do it all properly, so we'll see if it makes a difference!


    2. Yes any time after fruiting but I like to do mine once the leaves have fallen so I can see where I'm going - mine will be waiting for a while yet though.