Sunday, 2 December 2012

New Door!

Not a very exciting blog title admittedly! But it was very satisfying today to see the results of L's hard work creating a new greenhouse door from scratch. Wood was scavenged from the plot and perspex came from freegle some time ago (the rest had been used to make 2 cold frames for the garden)
Here are the steps for making a new greenhouse door:
1. No door!

2. Make a door!

3. Put the door in place!

4. Ta Da!  Door!

And that's it- new greenhouse door in 3 easy steps.  Next time: path making in 2 easy steps.


  1. That is verging on magic as far as I'm concerned.

  2. *waves wand* Makedooriarmus" !

  3. Hello Jill, Thank you for becoming a follower of my blog. This post hit home as we need to renovate our greenhouse. The door is sort of OK but it has forgotten how to slide which has consequences.

    1. Hi Sue!
      Good to hear from you, your blog is fantastic! It inspired me to blog for the first time, but it'll never be as useful, detailed, and interesting as yours! Re the door, it was quite easy for my OH to make, but luckily it's hinged. We (very happily) have 2 other greenhouses on the plot, and these have sliding doors which need fixing at some point. I'll post if we find an easy way to get them fixed and working! All the best, and happy gardening and allotmenteering in 2013. Jill