Monday, 3 December 2012

Feeling Non-Groovy

Today and for the past few weeks I have been feeling distinctly non-groovy. The antithesis of Simon and Garfunkel's 59th Bridge St Song. So I thought I would try to outline what ME/CFS can feel like under these circumstances:

1. Unconquerably knackering
2. Debilitatingly dizzy-making and nauseous
3. Like I am about to go down with a hideous case of flu, feverish and wobbly
4. Or, like I am just recovering from the worse case of flu, but unremittingly, for weeks
5. Achey-breaky and generally flaky
6. Like I have a really crap hangover (Ah, those were the days,  when I could actually drink...)
7. If I was working... (Ah, those were the days, when I could actually work...)... I would be phoning in to say I feel goddam awful and I'll have to take the day off.  However feeling like this will go on for weeks if not months, and I can't take my life off.

There are lots of other symptoms, too tedious to go into, but an odd one is when I have an intense bout of ill-health like the one at the moment I seem to lose a lot of hair! My hairdresser remarked on this first (Ah, those were the days, when I could actually afford a hairdresser...sorry it's getting boring now), and over the last six months of better health my locks came springing back but now it's coming out again- arrgh what does it all mean?!!

I still have questions as to the cause of this, as it feels like a really intense virus I can't shake- I sometimes nearly do, but then something will bring it back (this time I think a cold, followed by a weird stomachy bug, maybe then topped off by the flu jab?)  Who knows, but I wish it would BUGGER OFF!  I really want to get back to work (and desperately need to financially). What's more I hear the sound of the allotment calling.....

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