Wednesday, 10 April 2013

A week to remember

The world has somehow seemed a slightly better place to me since the beginning of the week. Maybe it's the hint of Spring in the air...or perhaps it was something else.  Anyway I have posted some recent pictures from the allotment and garden that reflect my mood.  

Bright and breezy in the garden

Cheerful daffs in a neighbouring allotment  plot.

Viburnum Plic Mariesii:  a lovely shrub in Spring, with bright green leaves, white bubbly flowers, and good colour in Autumn, kept by us in a pot in the garden.

At the allotment: maybe a tulip, could be an allium...

The crocuses haven't croaked yet

Marjoram from the garden , which was looking really good until I divided into five plants, to take four to the plot to start off our new herb patch.  It seems to have killed it (maybe temporarily). But it hasn't dampened my mood!


  1. The leaves with pink tips look a bit like hyacinths to me.

  2. It could well be, resulting from the last plotholder's plantings. I was wondering if it was one of the giant alliums I put in on the basis that the chief colour of the leaves is that sort of glaucous green that I have on my alliums in the garden? I quite like the element of surprise, but I must resolve to label in future.....!