Friday, 26 April 2013

Everything's coming up Tulips

Once again these flower pictures are from other plots on the site, but hopefully we'll have something to show on ours soon!

I've struggled to find good pictures of our plot, but it just looks bare in the piccies, though it looks better in real life. Having said that I don't think the grey dry looking soil helps. I can't wait to for the manure to rot down enough to add to it. 

This is the view from my sitting and thinking place- out on to the nearest bed of broad beans, peas, mange tout, and sweet peas (not that you'd know it from this picture) to the new herb bed beyond (with another sweetpea wigwam). Beyond that is the main path with our water tank so handily placed for us.  Yesterday I watched a magpie come right up to within a few feet of where I was sat, oblivious to me- its colours were gorgeous in the sun.

We do have one or two blooms.

But I hope that our plot neighbours might allow us to have a little bit of this saxifrage to add to the spring colour. 

Since the last update we've:

Planted up the herb garden - with the sweetpea wigwam in the centre we have bronze fennel; three varieties of thyme; golden oregano; purple sage; feverfew; lemon balm (in a pot to restrict it) and chives. To add- lavender; a couple of mints in pots; borage and calendula. Then we'll see how it progresses. We have divided it into four quarters with a brick "path" - a bit lacking in bricks.

Sown- at home- more sweet peas (late but never mind); more tomatoes (ditto) Bloody Butcher (I just liked the name, ordered in the week a certain rather well known former PM bit the dust. Sorry couldn't help it) and Roma (a plum)  

Sown- in the greenhouse- a cut and come again lettuce; cosmos; french marigold from saved seeds; flax (lovely looking red annual, good for insects)  and some other stuff I've forgotten about.

L and N have been busy weeding.  L has a particularly relaxed technique for optimal dandelion leverage.

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  1. It's always amazing how lush the plot looks for a short period in summer!