Friday, 19 April 2013

Does it look like an Allotment yet?

Finally we've been able to get quite a lot done. I've been juggling allotment activities with feeling a-bit-more-rubbish-than-normal with ME, struggling to get my MA done, and starting my project to redesign signs and interpretation in the garden of my local museum. Also we had a great trip to Brighton where we met up with old friends E and H, and had a very animated chat, occasionally verging on a rant, covering ways to avoid allotment fatigue amongst other things. 

At the plot it has been a treat to get out in the sun and get on with starting plants off and planting out.

The little wagon/planter came before we arrived on the plot by the way!  I think it might be moving along a bit. The bricks on the bed behind it will mark out a divisions in the proposed herb bed.

Focus on the water tank! Behind it is a hibiscus tree, more alive than it looks

L putting in the potatoes

In went the peas, and along came the slugs, so down went the slug barrier

Sweet peas beginning to twirl

Primulas on a neighbour's plot

All the flowers dotted around should help the two hives of bees on the site 

It's been suggested that I should be keeping more of a record of what we've doing: so I'll do an occasional summary of tasks we've done.  In the last week or so we:

Sowed (at home)  Tomatoes: Sungold, Gardeners' Delight, Moneymaker
                                Celeriac: Monarch
                                Thyme, Basil, parsley
                                 More broad beans and peas (normal- Meteor- and mangetout/ sugarsnap)

Sowed (unheated greenhouse on the plot)   Carrots, Rocket, Leeks, Radish,  Spinach

I've got to sort out my labelling system. If I actually remember to provide labels, I forget a pencil. 

Planted out on the plot   Potatoes: Arran Pilot and Charlotte  (a couple of bags in the                        greenhouse, most in the ground)
                                          Peas (normal- Meteor- and mangetout/ sugarsnap)
                                          Broad beans
                                          Sweet peas

Dahlias set out to sprout in a tray of slightly damp compost.

At the plot we've continued to clear ground that has been very weedy (from the previous occupant!). 

Wild garlic and snowdrops have gone in to the wild/ woodland area (very shaded by trees outside the site boundary) .

I've added a few perennial flowers to the front borders.

I can't wait for the manure to rot down enough for us to feed the soil: the sun has dried the surface of the soil and it's really grey and dry, lacking in organic materials.

And we've got loads to do still at the back of the plot (behind the greenhouses).


Fortunately, out the back the rhubarb has decided it might just live!  Hurray! 


  1. We have an hibiscus on our plot too that didn't like growing in the garden and it is always really late to produce leaves. I think many get thrown away as people mistakenly thing they are dead.

    WE are juggling too - decorating big time, gardening, allotmenting and going for days out!

    1. I'm really looking forward to the (two) hibiscuses (hibiscii?!) flowering later in the year- an allotment neighbour tells me these ones have white flowers, although I think I was expecting them to be blue-ish for some reason!

    2. Ours is white with a deep maroon centre.

  2. Everything's coming on really well. Hope the rhubarb continues to thrive.

    1. The rhubarb is continuing to look ok. It needs to recover from us cutting off most of the horrid sodden spongey root, and put on a bit of growth. I don't expect a glut this year!