Thursday, 28 March 2013

Winter Weather Worries

I am worried.  The weatherman said the jet stream has shifted well south of the British Isles and we could have weeks, or MONTHS, more of the winter weather. MONTHS! MONTHS! My broad beans, peas, sweet peas and totally over-sprouted potatoes can't wait that long! Usually I've sown all my tomatoes by now, and well, sowed practically everything else as well.  Sigh. What to do? Will the beans and peas survive outside?  I've got to get them planted out. They are looking desperate for fresh air and a touch of sunlight. Much like me. 

This was the view from the cottage we stay in every year in South Devon, on this day last year:

I think I might leave the young plants out tonight, see if they survive. It's sink or swim. 

On a non-allotment, but cheery note, here is a snap I took at the Horniman Museum South London, when undertaking research for my museum gardens signage project.  It's a depiction in puppet form by an African sculptor of an extremely well known couple's wedding from the 1980s.  But who is it? (A British bobby is between the happy couple) 


  1. It is certainly a worry isn't it? The problem is that farmers and our food suppliers are probably in the same position. At least our seed potatoes aren't sprouting!

  2. I've realised since I wrote that that I hadn't given full thought to the effect on farmers, their livelihood and stock: I have now though, since hearing how many sheep and lambs haven't made it through the cold weather this year, particularly those in hill farms. Also it must have had a bad effect on some of our wildlife- which motivates me to try to make the plot as wildlife friendly as I can. Roll on Spring.....

  3. Amy Winehouse and Charles de Gaulle?