Saturday, 2 March 2013

Welcome to Dench the Toad

A warm welcome to Dench the Toad, making her debut in these pages: though probably not her debut on the allotment. We met her on the plot today, hiding in the compost heap. I don't know if she is a she but she is very fabulous. Hence Dench.  Verily she is a well dench amphibian.  May we discover many frog/toads. Maybe newts.

In other news.  A garlic plant has been cruelly nipped off despite using sticks to protect it.
And the front of the plot is looking rather smart. Dug over, chicken pellets added, strawberries (already all over the plot) replanted round the edges.
 And the primroses are looking primrosey. Roll on Spring!


  1. We have lots of toads and frogs too (by the way are you sure Dench isn't a frog? He/she looks to be a froggy colour)