Thursday, 7 March 2013

What a Difference a Day Makes

"What a difference a day makes": that's what the weather presenters kept saying after Tuesday when we had the warmest day so far this year- and beautiful bright sun.  Naturally this was rapidly followed by the more familiar days of grey, cold and now rain.  But finally on Tuesday I saw the crocuses at the allotment, and in the garden out, and fully out too!

On the sunny day I went down the allotment with my friend who had a plot there 10 years ago, so it was useful to hear what it used to be like (not much different!).  I realised then that there is only one little patch left that we haven't worked on since we got the plot 4 months ago. And here is a photo to remind me, as it'll be gone soon. The weeds are brambles, bindweed, willowherb, and verbena bonaris (the verbena will be moved to the edges of the beds).  I think I've noted before that we are keeping a wild patch so brambles, willowherb and other "weeds" will still have a bit of freedom. 

The warm weather on Tuesday also brought on a sudden spurt in the sweet peas, peas and broad beans at home. Now I find that the sweet peas are too tall and spindly so I'll have to get them outside if I can, to slow growth and harden them off. When there are 2 pairs of leaves I'll pinch out to let them get bushy. The cat seems to think they are edible, and/or a "wiggly toy" game. Hope they survive! 

Oh, and thanks to reader input, I now believe Dench to be a frog not a toad. She is glorious and fat so maybe she'll make some Denchlets, or Denchpoles,  soon.

( NB Urban dictionary's  definition of dench: "Another meaning for "sick" or nice. if something is well dench u can say that is well judi dench". Thanks to Grahame Norton for the heads up on that, I do feel it is so important for one to keep up with the youth.)


  1. Very lacking in sunshine hereabouts!

  2. It's like late Autumn/Winter again! I walked to the plot to stretch my legs earlier, it was nice sitting in the greenhouse thinking, but not good weather for much else outdoors today!