Thursday, 22 August 2013

Potatoes have eyes.... they must be alive

I am enjoying the fact that our allotment potatoes are not shaped like those in the shops....and some are quite big. And slightly peculiar.

 Does it think it's an animal?

Is it alive?

What's that you say? You want to play?

Come on then, DO something

Mummy, it's not doing anything

Come on : let's play over there!

Any time you want to "chip" in with a suggestion....

This Arran Pilot isn't flying anywhere


Oh really. Enough.


  1. In that second photo the potato looks as if it has been in a fight.
    A bump on its head, one eye closing and selling beneath it. Another closed black eye and a totally down expression.
    I can even spot a small nose.

  2. Your ideas are most a-peeling Sue. Mr Potato Head looks as if he's been in a fight with a masher there doesn't he? That, or he's half-baked.

  3. I can't bear any more of these awful puns. I'm off haulm. Tatty-bye.