Monday, 12 August 2013

Plottety is Theft

Sorry, worst pun ever.  Still you have to laugh. Or do you- when our allotment site is subject to almost daily raids now? As soon as crops are ready for the pot, they are being stolen.  The best plots are targeted- hence not ours- yet. But I expect it will be, unless something is done. Which it isn't.    

This doesn't seem like the actions of vulnerable folk in desperate straits needing a free meal. Along with new potatoes they take mint to go with them, and a nice bunch of parsley.  Some tasty garlic (the whole crop of course) goes well with that, and those just perfect courgettes will set the whole thing off.  I would estimate that over half the plots have had a considerable amount taken so far.

About two weeks ago many plot holders joined in an online chat to decide what to do, and it was thought early morning patrols in groups would be the best bet.  Unfortunately this hasn't been given any official support and the idea has died a death.  I think we should also report every incident to the police, who will have to log it, and eventually perhaps the sheer scale of reports will lead to something being done.  No one wants to head the "Anti Social Behaviour" league.  A nearby Walthamstow road already has a top place in the country-wide league of most burgled streets. Perhaps the two are linked. 

Whatever happens, something must be done.  People are talking of leaving, and certainly in our position we simply cannot afford the money spent on seeds and potting compost etc to see the whole lot be taken just as it is ready. 

No pictures with this. But any advice welcome.


  1. This was something I feared would happen in the current economic climate. WE have individuals who feel that refusing to lock gates and bullying others into doing the same is asserting their masculinity.

    I always try to get people to report theft to the police but they just resign themselves to the idea that no-one will be caught even though the police have encouraged reporting.

    Could you spray something that looks really choice with something that will give a tummy ache or maybe put up a sign saying these crops have recently been sprayed with pesticide?

  2. Gosh we certainly get all sorts on sites don't we? "Macho" behaviour seldom seems to achieves anything!
    The same attitude re reporting the thefts seems to prevail on our site as yours, which is a shame. There have been so many raids on in the last couple of weeks, but having heard nothing recently from the committee I'm wondering if they are taking action behind the scenes. Hope so.
    We'd thought of the "seeding" fruit and veg with something interesting, but I think the sign is probably a better idea- we are too nice!

    1. You wouldn't probably be sued anyway if you gave anyone tummy ache!

      I actually resigned from being chair of our association following a load of abuse about some rumour saying I was about to do something that I wasn't. A particularly nasty few wouldn't believe me and the council officers wouldn't give any support and wouldn't accept a formal complaint about the abuse so I and all the committee except one (he was on holiday) resigned. The end result is we no longer have an association as no-one else wanted to take it on.