Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Finished my MA now back to the Allotment!

At last, after a four year battle, I have finished my MA in managing archaeological sites!  I nervously handed in the dissertation yesterday- on management strategies for historic museum gardens. The wonderful departmental secretary hugged me- I think she thought I'd never do it! What a relief and great thanks to everyone who has supported me over the years. 

Having the allotment and having this blog has helped- it's been really great to escape to the plot, even with manuscript in hand, to get a proper break.  And thinking that friends are reading my posts has been nice, as well as chatting with new bloggerfriends!  Sorry the blog posts have been a bit lax while I've been finishing the academic work. 

Well I will update properly, but since our broadband seems to have given up the ghost that might not be immediately!   What I will say is that sometimes big things from little things can grow (that is a half thought-out analogy about my MA but also refers to big sunflower  above and little sunflower below)

That analogy is rubbish on a number of levels, not least because little sunflower didn't grow into big flower- poor little sunflower just never got potted on- it's the same variety though!
And talking of small things- why have all my squashes failed?! This is the one still trying to grow: it would be spaghetti squash which usually taste of mush anyway.  Looks nice though.
Well I'll sign off before broadband gives up again. And next time I will tell you of my new love for a Bloody Butcher but indifference, bordering on disdain, for a Soggy Plum.


  1. Congratulations on finishing your MA, that’s a big achievement! Your big sunflower looks lovely and so does the little one, I have had my first experience with sunflowers this year and managed to grow them almost twice the height described on the seed packet. No idea how that happened, I really struggle to dead head them now as they are around 2.5m tall!!

    Hope you solve your broadband issues, no Internet connection is like chopping off my arms and legs to me. I left BT earlier this year after being with them for 14 years, had enough of high prices for lousy connection. Went for superfast fibre optic broadband with Plusnet for almost the same price as I used to pay BT. I am never going back!

  2. Well done on completing the MA and I look forward to a catch up