Thursday, 27 June 2013

Summer Plotting

Dearie me, it's been a while!  MA, ME, camera breakdown... other things conspire against me- it's all go at the allotment, but blogging has taken a battering. Hurrah for some summer-ish weather!  By the way I'm hoping I've just made a change that should make commenting easier- please do comment!

Lots going on to report at the plot: produce to collect each time we go (small quantities but good).  Excitement over our first onions, garlic, peas, mangetout, and lettuce; and the pleasure of strawberries, and raspberries that have been happily growing away in the greenhouse.  Yum yum!  And lots still being planted out: brassicas, squashes, even french and runner beans are still going in....

A highlight for me: out first sweetpea! I know it's probably nothing to old hands, but I've never been able to grow sweetpeas successfully, so I'm so pleased to be able to stick my nose in a bloom, savour the smell and then sneeze about twenty times through hayfever- luxurious torture! 

The other flowers are coming along too: roses, peonies, alliums finishing up, verbenas coming on.

There's a blackbird nest in the rose arch, with a parent bird sitting tight, but no tweeting chicks....

The herb garden is filling out

Using cat litter as a slug barrier didn't work! The latest trick is making sharp pointy crowns from plastic bottles, with a ring of copper tape around. It affords some protection! However the slugs climb up any sticks stuck in for support or pigeon protection. I've put rings of copper tape around the support sticks, but it may well have to be netting to keep off the pigeons, although I like Alys Fowler's dense plantings of french marigolds and other things around brassicas to confuse pigeons. Although you then have to keep slugs off the marigolds!  


  1. Slugs and snails the perennial problem - one way or another they seem to overcome all defences don't they. But isn't it good to be actually picking things as well as planting

    1. Have you had any slug damage to your tomatoes this season Sue? This year I have heard of several people (including me!) who have had slug or snail damage to the developing plants- very annoying that they should touch what is normally safe!

    2. No, Jill no problem with the tomato plants - yet that is.

  2. Can't see any change with the commenting system - or am I missing something?

  3. Well you still have to do the verification thing, but now anyone should be able to comment, without having to create a google account or whatever it is.... That was the idea anyway.....

  4. That would explain why I didn't spot any difference, as I use my google account to log in.