Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Sexist Gardening Gloves!!

Since I have lost my camera download lead (again) I can't post the latest pictures of the fruitful plot (strawberries and cherries are providing our first glut-  answering the site naysayers who said birds would get the lot!). So instead I thought I'd tell you that I have just emailed Waitrose about this particular thing that has annoyed me greatly- sexist gardening gloves! The evidence: Ditzy Grip cotton grip garden glove.

Ditzy Grip?  Ditzy??  As in "Silly and Scatterbrained"? (Oxford Dictionaries).  With flowers? In a smaller size?  Aimed at women? I think so. Yes us silly and scatterbrained women with our silly and scatterbrained grips. As if most of the media ignoring the fact that Virginia Wade OBE won the womens' singles title at Wimbledon in 1977 wasn't enough.......
Virginia's grip on a racquet was neither silly nor scatterbrained I'm quite sure.

And then there's "Lady Gardener" : stylish and soft- just like me! 

Ah for the man : I like the barbed wire imagery, but surely they should be called "Raging Hunk" or "Testosterone Overload" or something. These only in a large size obviously. Us ladies can't tackle brambles or splintery wood- it's our weak ditzy grip you see.

While I'm on a roll, why not mention the bee-saving-ultimate-insect-destroyer-  found on the same supermarket trip?  Lure the insects with insect friendly flowers, then blitz the evil buggers with as much weedkiller as you can.

Finally I got to the checkout, but had one finally thing to get annoyed about. Would you really pay £1.69 for a bunch of flowers (as per label: "Flowers") that don't actually have any flowers, or any prospect that the sorry twig of green leaves would ever produce said flowers?  If you would I would suggest you are being a bit "Ditzy". I just hope somebody has produced some gardening gloves just for you.

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  1. My gloves are just plain suedish ones that are supposed not to go hard when washing and are strong enough to tackle brammbles. Bought at a nursery though so more sold for practicality.

    Funny too that men's wellies never have designs on either do they?