Wednesday, 5 June 2013

The Joy of Alliums

Everywhere, around the plot, alliums are star-bursting purple and white. Attracting bees and bugs and even yielding some food for humans.  I'm going to introduce even more to the plot next year!


  1. Wonder what the little beetles on the white one are?

  2. My best guess is Cychramus luteus- a pollen beetle. Look it up and see what you think..... I've only seen them on the wild garlic so far. Lots of starlings and starling fledglings have been grubbing around the plot again, hopefully they are finding plenty of food!

  3. Alliums are lovely do you have any that self seed. We had one variety that did and made a bit of a nuisance of itself which is why we don't have any in the garden now.