Thursday, 7 February 2013

Name That Plant

On a frost-bitingly cold day this week I braved the plot just to poke around really, thinking and planning again, and I saw how many bulbs and other perennials are beginning to push up through the chilly soil.  Now I really must  get in to the habit of labelling what I put in! Sometimes I do, sometimes I just stick a blank label in, or better still use a second hand label that says entirely the wrong thing that for some reason I couldn't be bothered to write over. That, coupled with the fact that there are lots of bulbs and things put in by the previous tenants,  means I'm in for a surprise as things appear.  
So, what are the things below? I think I know some. My suggestions are at the end. Any other ideas welcome!









Suggested answers:  
a)  Aquilegia aka Colombine aka Granny's bonnet- there are lots of these
b)  Grape Hyacinth?
c)  Fritillaries- I'm hoping it's what I put on the label because I LOVE these and I definitely planted some
d)  Bluebells- I'm hoping they are the native variety if so
e)  Probably a large clump of day lilies?
f)  Daffodils or narcissi of some sort- hope they have got flower buds forming
g)  Really hope these are Dicentra or Bleeding Heart- I've always had these in the garden till our last move, I didn't plant any, but these look like pre-existing Bleeding Heart Babies to me
h)  They should be tulips as it says on the label, but I'm not convinced yet
i)  Absolutely no idea...!


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  2. I thought I'd commented on this but it can't have worked.

    I think I said aquilega and dicentra definitely but bulbs are difficult at this stage.

    Sorry deleted the other message as I had a silly typo. Third time lucky

    1. Thanks Sue! Oh great I hope it is a dicentra, at least I know it'll be slug proof! As are the aquilegia. The bulbs will add that bit of mystery to the proceedings!