Saturday, 23 February 2013

Another Load of Poo!

On Friday L had a day off so he loaded the car with the 15 bags full of 100% proof Epping Forest horse manure.  Two minutes down the road later he unloaded it all at the allotment gates, where we were greeted with........ the most massive mountainous pile of first class steaming poo imaginable. Yes the much awaited manure delivery for all allotment holders finally arrived the same day as we carted our load to the plot. 

Naturally we made the most it, and fifteen barrowloads later we had a double pile- the fresh we brought, and the semi-rotted of the Metropolitan Police Stables.  We've piled them next to each other and covered them to keep off the rain.   Guess which is which?  (Btw I'll be testing both for weedkiller contamination when they've rotted down more.)

Epping Forest or Metropolitan Police horse poo: but which is which?

Today we did more digging, weeding and clearing, and removed 6 bags of rubbish from the plot- mostly old carpet and bedraggled and tangled netting.  One of the really nice old timers asked when we were going to start planting- which made me feel like we should have got more stuff in the ground already, but we've got to get it all straight first!

And since getting the plot in October we have planted garlic, shallots, onions, blackcurrants, redcurrants and a tayberry. And put in some bulbs, and moved around various herbs and the rhubarb at the back of the plot.  And weeded and sorted out the strawberries. There's also the broad beans (all eaten) and the peas (half eaten). And the sweet peas I've just sown. And the potatoes that are a-chitting. 

So I'm not sure why I didn't just say we have started planting! It doesn't look much at the moment. But my plan is to start with small scale experiments this year-  we can't afford to spend loads of money (both of us) and loads of effort (me due to my health!) on planting things on a large scale that fail on a large scale.  

Robinio our plot friend doesn't care what we plant as long as we turn over some worms to nom up.
We can also enjoy nature's plantings: like these on Feb 16th  in Amersham, Bucks, where I grew up. Dad  would have liked the mass effect of snowdrops in the woodland there I reckon.


  1. Or as Mr Toad would say "Poop Poop!"

  2. Maybe he was just teasing! Sounds to me as though you have done just great

  3. Thanks Sue, it sounded like I was criticising the long term plot holder but I didn't mean to. She's really friendly and helpful- but when she said that I felt we hadn't got started. When I thought about it though, we have! I think this first year should be about preparation and planning, with some planting and experimentation. I felt a bit lax though when she said she was planting out her 100 broad bean plants and I am fretting over germinating 10!!