Tuesday, 27 November 2012

First Green Shoots of Recovery

I said I'd post some pictures of the first signs of new growth at the plot, (intentionally planted new growth that is, not the lush looking little couch grass shoots that are eagerly poking their little heads up), so here we go. We have garlic, planted directly into the newly dug beds, and peas planted in loo rolls and pots in the greenhouse.

Ok, it doesn't look much, but it's a start!  I took the pictures a few weeks ago  and since then the garlic has shot up and the peas have all come through.  Now I'm seeing if the broad beans can do the same.  I've sown the peas and beans in different mixtures of potting compost, and labelled them to see how they do.

Your bonus picture today is of some leek seedlings that I got for 15p from Homebase. Don't laugh experienced gardeners! I expect them to sit there nicely without doing much over winter, until it's time for them to grow again. I've done it before with leeks that stayed as seedlings for about 2 years before planting them out, hope it works this time.

By the way I am new to blogging as you may have realised, and I'm trying a variation to the font today.  Which may or may not look any different.  I have just had a lesson on typography from a fellow teaching student which has made me realise the importance of style, although I don't seem to be able to do much about mine! 

Next time- look out for a stimulating account of how we made our paths and hopefully a thrilling treatise on greenhouse doors! Stay tuned.....


  1. Does that lolly stick say westlife?

    1. Yes Frax, the boys from Westlife actually make their own compost now. Hopefully the peas will soon be "Flying Without Wings".