Friday, 23 November 2012

Before and After

It's encouraging to see from these before and after pictures that we are progressing.  The first two pictures are from our initial viewing of the plot- you can see it's overgrown: brambles, bindweed and strawberries, frankly though it could have been a lot worse! It's clear the plot hasn't been left for too long and that it had been very well looked after previously.  There were some verbenas that we kept as well as most of the strawbs.  The beds and paths couldn't be seen.

After a few weekends  it now looks more like this:

 The blue stool looks like it's supervising the workers:

Here's the new fruit tree area, with blackcurrants, and tayberry, with more fruit yet to go in:

Finally the view to the back of the plot as the sun swiftly disappears. We are keeping a wild patch here, by the way, just in case you think the "before" pictures looked better. We want more wildlife, not less, and this very shaded part of the plot is ideal:

Future posts will show how we made the paths....and the first green shoots of recovery!  Stay tuned for the next thrilling instalment.

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