Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Weather great for gardening- lots to do!

At last most of the UK seems to have had reasonable weather for the time of year. Down in the South East we haven't had a decent frost which may mean diseases haven't been killed off, but we'll just have to see.  The sun and warmth really makes me want to get out and grow! 

Still being a newcomer to the allotment (this is our second season) we have a lot to learn, and I already feel a bit behind in sowing seeds. So far I have:

Set potatoes to chit   (oops, left most of them in the box they came in for too long: hence long weedy sprouts!  Knocked some off and hope more come!)

Far too long and pale!

Will do better with these!

Sowed broad beans   (patchy germination, maybe the rough compost I sowed them in hasn't helped)

Sowed sweet peas  (I need to sow a second lot, they were great last year, and I am greedy for more!)
 Planted out some banana shallots, some garlic I'd started in the greenhouse, and some random spare leek seedlings from last year

Nice strong garlic

More garlic, and leeks
And we have:

Prepared the potato and broad bean beds
Cut back the raspberries and top dressed them
Pruned the apple, pear and cherries
Pruned the gooseberries   (the giant one we have inherited, and I also made cordons of some spares- Monty Don reckons it cuts out pest and disease problems)
Sorted out the greenhouses
Painted fencing
Reset the brick edges of paths and beds

Fiddled and diddled about with other stuff!

Oh and we have enjoyed:

Purple Sprouting Brocolli: how delicious it is compared to the shops!

Cavolo Nero: now this has gone to flower we are just cutting off the whole of the top and eating it flowers and all- yum yum

I love this time of year!


  1. You sown and planted more than we have, Nothing yet planted on the plot and we have only sown cyclamen and salad leaves inside under the grow light.

    1. Looking around our allotment site makes me feel I am behind though! A lot of broad beans look very advanced on other people's plots, and their greenhouses are filling up! But I think the lack of frost here has meant there is a lot of green to be seen! (Not on our plot though!)

    2. ...and I must say Monty Don is just telling us we must sow our tomatoes now, but I have never sown them this early! If I did they'd get all lanky anyway. Things catch up quickly in warmer weather.

  2. Need some of those sweet peas for my vase!

    1. "As ye sow, so shall ye reap" or something. In other words lend me a hand and you can have a constant supply of sweet peas!!!